View from the castle wall

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The best view of Saarbrücken is from the lookout point at the castle wall’s right end. In the distance, you can see the hills surrounding the city area. If you look to the far right, you will see the Halberg at the edge of the city. Once home to the summer residence Monplaisir in the time of the Princes of Saarbrücken, it is now the seat of the Saarland Broadcasting Service, the Saarländische Rundfunk. In front of the Halberg, you can see the Thermal Power Station Römerbrücke, an eco-friendly power plant that has received several awards. The colourful light panels on its façade also make it something of an aesthetic attraction. To the left of the Halberg, you can see the so-called Kaninchenberg: Rabbit’s hill. This used to be home to another feudal summer residence...

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View from the castle wall

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