Town Hall St. Johann

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World War II left its mark of destruction on Saarbrücken like it did on other places. The Town Hall received its share: but it wasn’t completely destroyed. Only its right wing was bomb damaged. It’s one of the few buildings in Saarbrücken that remained intact. The Town Hall of Saarbrücken was built between 1897 and 1900 based on plans by Georg von Hauberisser Junior. He also designed the Town Halls in Munich and Wiesbaden. The neo-gothic Town Hall Sankt Johann was built to replace the Old Town Hall at Saarbrücken’s castle square (Schlossplatz), originally designed by Friedrich Joachim Stengel and completed in 1750. A tower is built onto the façade of the New Town Hall, slightly off centre. It rises up to 54 meters and is reminiscent of Flemish architectural styles. Its glockenspiel sounds twice a day...

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Town Hall St. Johann

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