St. Johanner Market Square

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Close to the banks of the Saar is the Sankt Johanner Market Square, the heart of Saarbrücken. Citizens and tourists alike are drawn to the square to enjoy its numerous cafés, restaurants and bars. Its large trees are perfect for a few hours in the shade on a sunny day or the last rays of sunshine on a summer night. The square is an ideal starting point for a shopping tour through the shops and boutiques nearby. The picturesque alleys scattered around the square invite you to a leisurely walk. The old part of town has been a pedestrian district since 1978. The baroque fountain, designed in 1759 by Friedrich Joachim Stengel, dominates the square. Stengel had a hand in most of the city’s landmarks constructed in the middle of the 18th century. His architecture linked the urban development of the two cities of St Johann and (Old/Alt-) Saarbrücken, which where autonomous cities until the beginning of the 20th century...

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St. Johanner Market Square

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