Old Bridge and Saar Crane

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The Old Bridge goes by this name for a reason – it is the oldest bridge still standing in the whole of the state of Saarland. In the year 1546, Emperor Karl V commissioned the Prince of St Johann to build a bridge across the Saar as the emperor had found himself unable to cross the river on account of flooding. Upon its completion in 1549, it quickly became the most important connection between what were then the two autonomous cities of (Alt/Old-) Saarbrücken and St Johann. During the course of its history, the Old Bridge was damaged and restored a number of times. In 1904, a statue honouring Emperor Wilhelm I was placed on the bridge. For this, one of the bridge’s pillars had to be expanded. The monument escaped damaged during World War II, but its last known photograph is from 1946. Afterwards, it disappeared at some point but it is not known how or where to...

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Old Bridge and Saar Crane

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